New Territories GMB Route No. 808
Kam Ying Court <-> MOSTown
Main roads en route

From Kam Ying Court

via Kam Ying Road, Ma On Shan Road, On Luk Street and On Shing Street.

From MOSTown

via On Luk Street, Ma On Shan Road, Sai Sha Road and Kam Ying Road.

Kam Ying Court <-> MOSTown

From Kam Ying Court

From MOSTown

Frequency (Minutes)

Mondays to Sundays
10:00 am - 08:15 pm10:15 am - 08:30 pm 13 - 15


SectionKam Ying Court
1-all en-route stops

1-all en-route stops
2-3.8Kam Ying Court

Boarding at Kam Ying Court / MOSTown – free of charge

(A fare discount of $0.30 is offered to passengers who interchange from GMB to MTR service or from MTR to GMB service within 90 minutes using the same Octopus card.)

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Last revision date: 21 Sep 2020