Kowloon GMB Route No. 86
Cruise Terminal > Kowloon Bay (Telford Gardens) (Circular route)
Main roads en route

From Cruise Terminal

via Shing Fung Road, Shing Cheong Road, Cheung Yip Street, Wang Chiu Road, Sheung Yee Road, Wai Yip Street, flyover, Telford Gardens access road, Telford Plaza Transport Interchange, Telford Gardens access road, flyover, Wai Yip Street, Kai Cheung Road, Wang Chiu Road, Cheung Yip Street, Shing Cheong Road and Shing Fung Road.

Cruise Terminal > Kowloon Bay (Telford Gardens) (Circular route)

From Cruise Terminal

Frequency (Minutes)

Mondays to Saturdays (Public Holidays Excepted)
06:40 am - 11:05 pm 8 - 20
Sundays and Public Holidays
06:40 am - 11:05 pm 8 - 20


Note: The first departure is from Kowloon Bay (Telford Gardens) at 6.30 a.m.. Service level may be strengthened according to passenger demand. The last departure will be finished at Telford Gardens.


SectionCruise Terminal
16.0Kowloon Bay (Telford Gardens)

Concessionary Fare: Students holding valid student identity card will be offered concessionary fare of $3.0 per single journey.

A fare discount of $0.30 is offered to passengers who interchange from GMB to MTR service or from MTR to GMB service within 90 minutes using the same Octopus card.

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Last revision date: 27 Feb 2019